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Organizational Structures for Socially Conscious Companies

Social consciousness at the corporate level has become an increasingly more important point of differentiation for many companies, and some companies today exist primarily to fill a social purpose.  So what is the best business structure for these companies?  There are several from which to choose: Benefit Corporations.  Seven states, including California, allow for Benefit […]

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10 Legal Myths That Could Endanger Your Business

Inc. magazine recently wrote an article that made me realize many business people are flying blind about the legal parts of business.  These are all places you could get in trouble, if you aren’t awake, aware and doing business with your eyes wide open. Personal assets are protected by the right business entity.  Choosing a […]

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Starting a Business? Plan for Your Own Success

According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, approximately 300 of every 100,000 U.S. adults started a business in 2012.   The Index found that over 514,000 new firms were started every month in 2012 – but how many will succeed? Of course, in business –as in life – there are no guarantees.  According to the […]

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How to Make Sure Your Business Gets Paid and Doesn’t Get Stiffed by Customers

Sooner or later, you are going to have a client who doesn’t pay you for services or products provided.  Customers who do not pay are a fact of life for every business, so what are your alternatives?  Here are some options: In-house collections – Designate someone in your firm to contact the buyer personally to […]

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