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5 Legal Tips for Entrepreneurs

Are you thinking about launching a new business in 2014?  If so, you need to set the right legal foundation or risk costly consequences down the road.  Here are five legal tips for entrepreneurs: Find a legal adviser. The best time to have a business lawyer is when you’re just starting out.  He or she […]

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How to Protect and Defend Your Brand

Earlier this year, Microsoft was on the wrong end of an English court ruling that found the software giant had infringed on the trademark of British broadcasting company BSkyB with its SkyDrive cloud storage service.  Instead of appealing the ruling, Microsoft decided to rebrand the service. Before your company has a misstep with intellectual property […]

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Protecting Your Company From Patent Trolls

The term “patent troll” has entered the corporate vernacular thanks in large part to the ongoing “smartphone patent wars” as well as the increasing number of companies that have begun to take a stand in fighting the malicious behavior of entities that exist solely for filing frivolous patent litigation. According to a White House report […]

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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Beyond the products or services you offer, your company has intellectual property that needs to be rigorously protected.  Too often, business owners and entrepreneurs neglect to put the proper safeguards in place, which can lead to big legal expenses down the road. Here are 6 costly IP mistakes you need to avoid to protect your […]

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If You Build It, You Best Protect It

Consider all the time you have spent or will spend building your business – and then consider how much energy you have spent on how to protect it or protect your family from it. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t give much thought to asset protection until it’s too late – when a suit is […]

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Starting a Business? Plan for Your Own Success

According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, approximately 300 of every 100,000 U.S. adults started a business in 2012.   The Index found that over 514,000 new firms were started every month in 2012 – but how many will succeed? Of course, in business –as in life – there are no guarantees.  According to the […]

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3 Legal Tools to Help You Protect Your Business Idea

Your ideas aren’t worth anything if you don’t get them out there into the world. I come across a lot of entrepreneurs who are afraid that if they talk about their idea, it’ll get stolen and so they keep it under wraps and don’t capitalize on it. Here are three legal tools you can use […]

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10 Legal Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Whether the result of the recent recession or the desire by baby boomers to embark on a new professional path, new business startups are growing fast.  Here are 10 legal tips for entrepreneurs who are striking out on their own for the first time: Choose the right entity.  Decide if you will be operating your […]

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