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Have you ever decided not to call your lawyer because you didn’t want to have to pay the bill you knew you’d get in the mail a couple of weeks later?
Have you:
  • Ever felt surprised by an invoice from your lawyer?
  • Ever had a lawyer kill a deal you really wanted, but the lawyers got involved, slowed down the process, and, ultimately, killed the project?
  • Ever resented paying $150, $250, $350/hour or more for your lawyer just to confirm what you already knew?
  • Ever worked with a lawyer who seemed trained to make the situation worse instead of better?
  • Ever wondered if your lawyer really understood the creative and emotional investment you’ve made in your business?
  • Ever wished you could have a trusted and objective advisor you could talk to about your business–one who wasn’t trying to sell you something?
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If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions then you should be working with a Creative Business Lawyer™ because:
  • Your relationship with a Creative Business Lawyer (CBL) allows you to call, email, or get together in person as needed without getting a bill in the mail for the time you spend together, which means you get the guidance you need to make the right decisions for your business.
  • Your relationship with your CBL isn’t based on hourly fees so you’ll always feel comfortable calling to run ideas by your CBL, brainstorm with your CBL before entering into or even considering a new deal–and have legal documents reviewed before you sign them.
  • Your CBL is an entrepreneur just like you and fully understands the emotional, financial, and creative investment you’ve made in your future.
  • Your CBL has training not only as a lawyer, but as a mentor, consultant, coach, and trusted advisor who will objectively help you make great decisions for the growth of your business, and help keep you out of the trouble entrepreneurs often find as a result of unassisted decision-making.
It’s time for you to enjoy the feeling of working with a lawyer who does more than simply prepare documents. It’s time to see your lawyer as your trusted business advisor. You should feel like your lawyer is a key member of your team, the nucleus of your board of advisors who provides encouragement, and celebrates your successes.

To begin a relationship with a CBL just complete the inquiry form below, we’ll be in touch right away to finally give you the help and support your business needs and you deserve.

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