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How Can I Boost My Authority as a Business Owner?

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Q: How can I boost my authority as a business owner?

Business Owner–

A: Dear Business Owner:

Authority in the business world can be the decision-making influence that gets you hired. But many business owners don’t know how to practically establish authority. You can boost your authority as a business owner by:

  • Developing a trusted online presence. Post a mix of original content and curated—yet credible—pieces of value to your audience with some regularity. And, make sure your web pages have the necessary privacy policies and disclaimers. Without them, you could look fly by night instead of confidently credible.
  • Be a resource. Answer questions on social media before anyone else can. Share your knowledge in a way that proves your expertise. Be sure all of your profiles direct back to a website that is designed for lead generation, and not just a brochure, so you can build an email list with those you’ve helped.
  • Blog. Blogging can help your website ranking and is a useful way to share your authoritative knowledge with the public.
  • Build relationships with other authorities. Sharing the knowledge of other experts with your customers validates your connections and publicizes your network of power players to prospects.
  • And, offline, get your name out there. Speak, educate, and share in your community so your name is consistently linked with success and knowledge.
  • Finally, make sure you’ve got your LIFT (legal, insurance, financial and tax) systems set up so anyone engaging with you can clearly tell you’re the real deal and in it for the long haul.

If you need help boosting your authority as a business owner, start by sitting down with a Creative Business Lawyer®. A Creative Business Lawyer® can help you structure your business to maximize your authority for the success of your business.

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