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How can I establish a brand for my business that distinguishes it from competitors?

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Q:     How can I establish a brand for my business that distinguishes it from competitors?

–Inquisitive Entrepreneur

A:      Dear Inquisitive:

You are right to be concerned about establishing a solid brand. Branding carries through every aspect of your business. It’s broader than a logo or even your core values. It’s the driving force behind everything you do.

To develop a successful brand, you must first understand your target audience. Formalized market research can be helpful, if you have the resources to do it. If not, you can solicit honest feedback about your audience’s needs by using strategies from Ryan Levesque’s recent book Ask.

Develop a solid understanding of what motivates your audience to purchase your product or service, and build your brand around that motivation. Everyone knows that commercials sell a sense of emotion or identity. You want your brand to get in touch with the essence of your customers.

Early on, you need to be particularly sensitive to indicators that your brand is not working for you. Make adjustments early, before you are too far in. If a logo, mascot, or catch phrase is not working, get rid of it. As your business grows, your brand needs to stand out in your industry.

Think of your brand as the face of your company and the driving force behind your decisions. And once you have it, fully integrate your brand across every mode of communication: in-person, telephone, social media, blogging, and newsletters.

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