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Melissa Harrison

Melissa Harrison

Harrison Law Office PLLC
116 E. Jefferson St., Ripley, MS 38663, USA


Industry Focus: Family Businesses, Mom and Pop Shops

Licensed In: Mississippi, USA, Tennessee, USA

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My name is Melissa Harrison. Almost seventeen years ago, I graduated law school and took what I thought would be my dream job at one of the most prestigious lawfirms in the state, Mitchell, McNutt & Sams. I had my first child, a son, Kellen (now 16) shortly after beginning practice at Mitchell McNutt, and I knew almost immediately after my son’s birth that I wanted a small lawfirm model for my practice to provide a personal client connection and to complement my life as a new mother at that time. I graduated from a top tier law school (the University of Alabama School of Law), near the top of my class and as a member of law review. So, I surprised a lot of people when I left my prestigious lawfirm job and went into my own practice in Ripley, Mississippi.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to handle almost every type of legal matter you can think of, and through that wealth of exposure I have had the opportunity to discover the areas in which I believe I can best assist my clients as well as those that I most enjoy. Today, I offer more than one time services or documents to my clients, I offer a longterm relationship with my clients, their families, and their businesses so that I can offer as much value as possible. I offer business consultation services in a way that makes my clients feel like they have their own in house general counsel right down the hall, without the expense that normally comes with such a convenience. I also offer in depth and ongoing estate planning for my clients, to ensure their loved ones are left with much more than money when the time comes.

I never ask my clients to pay an hourly rate, but always offer them affordable flat rate fees. For my family business client members, I offer affordable memberships broken down on a monthly basis so that they can get the personal attention they want for their legal issues, with zero surprises about legal fees. I have a great team at our office who loves working with our clients and who do a wonderful job answering questions for my clients and serving their needs in between our meetings or calls.

Two years after my son was born, my daughter, Erin came along completing our family. Now, sixteen years after going out on my own to start a different kind of lawfirm, my husband of twenty-two years (Jason), and I are now the busy parents of teenage children. I understand the hectic schedules most people have from day to day, because that is why my life is like a lot of the time too. But because of all the things I’ve seen, and because first and foremost I am a wife and mother who understands that our families come first, I know there are some things we cannot afford not to do when it comes to our families and our businesses. If we are a good fit, I hope that I can assist you, your business, and your family in the best way possible.