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Aaron Fransua

Aaron Fransua

3035 Oneal Pkwy, Boulder, CO 80301, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses

Licensed In: Colorado, USA

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Attorney Aaron Fransua was motivated to go to law school so that he could learn how to help out families in a truly impactful way.

Because of this, he is determined to help families plan for one of the most traumatic times of their lives as well as bring value to other business owners in his community.

He accomplishes this by not only providing them with sound legal advice, but also relies on his past entrepreneurship and tech experiences to provide business advice as well.

Prior to law school, Aaron experienced the pain and trauma of unexpectedly losing a loved one when he lost his mother suddenly in 2011. Overnight, at only 24 years old, Aaron was thrown into the position of caring for his 17-year old sister while planning for the funeral arrangements and dissolving the estate of his mother. Unfortunately, his mother was like so many other young adults in our community and did not plan for her unexpected death- leaving no will nor any real inventory of all her assets, debts, and insurance policies. It was during this time that Aaron realized that pain and difficulties of not having a comprehensive estate plan can have on a family that is in shock and struggling to grieve. He is determined to help others in his community so that their families will not face the struggles his had to endure.

Business wise, Aaron benefited from several years of experience in business management and digital online marketing. He thrived on researching data and developing marketing campaigns that would drive traffic to new events and products. Eventually, he harnessed these experiences into founding a non-profit that focused on education and fundraising campaigns for local victims of domestic violence. Using these first-hand experiences, he excelled as a student and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

It was also through his non-profit foundation that Aaron learned of the pains that families experience by not having comprehensive estate plans, or frankly, any estate plan at all. There, he heard many stories from other families. It turns out that his mother’s story was not particularly unique. In fact, many families unfortunately do not have estate plans in place. And many times, if they did have what they thought were estate plans, the plans were incomplete, and as a result, ineffective- forcing families into Probate.

Being a Colorado native, and avid hiking and snowboarding fan, Aaron stayed in Colorado to study at the University of Colorado School of Law. There, Aaron continued to sharpen his business skills by focusing his studies on Employment, Trademark, Copyright, IP Counseling and Licensing, Cybersecurity and Privacy Law. His was also able to satisfy his obsession with technology and the law by writing on the Colorado Technology Law Journal his final year of law school.

Realizing that litigation skills are a necessity for any lawyer tasked with representing clients in either probate disputes or business disputes, he worked to sharpen his litigation skills by participating in moot court, taking classes on Federal Litigation, and external with the Honorable Judge Kane of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

Shortly after graduating law school and passing the Bar Exam in Colorado, he established Fransua Law, LLC and moved to Arizona with his family to escape the cold winters and enjoy new outdoor adventures with his rambunctious Shiba Inu.

It was also after law school that Aaron realized the need to seek training on how to properly serve families and business owners in his community. He immediately enrolled in programs that were specifically tailored to providing comprehensive and flexible estate plans that actually work so that his client’s families will be better prepared for when his client’s eventually die or become incapacitated. He also enrolled in programs designed to help him become a better counselor and advisor to entrepreneurs in his community so that they can grow their business knowing that they have their legal, insurance, financial, and taxes affairs in order.

He established Fransua Law, LLC with a vision of modernizing the way law firms work with local families and businesses through the use of technology. While in law school, he had the opportunity to work at a big law firm. It was there he saw several opportunities to improve the client experience:

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