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Melissa Harrison

Melissa Harrison

Harrison Law Office PLLC
116 E. Jefferson St., Ripley, MS 38663, USA

My name is Melissa Harrison. Almost seventeen years ago, I graduated law school and took what I thought would be my dream job at one of the most prestigious lawfirms in the state, Mitchell, McNutt & Sams. I had my first child, a son, Kellen (now 16) shortly after beginning practice at Mitchell McNutt, and I knew almost immediately after my son’s birth that I wanted a small lawfirm model for my practice to provide a personal client connection and to complement my life as a new mother at that time. I graduated from a top tier law school (the University of Alabama School of Law), near the top of my class and as a member of law review. So, I surprised a lot of people when I left my prestigious lawfirm job and went into my own practice in Ripley, Mississippi.

Industry Focus: Family Businesses, Mom and Pop Shops

Licensed In: Mississippi, USA, Tennessee, USA

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