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Taking That Leap: How Emotional Intelligence Can Create Business Success

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Working for yourself comes with many benefits. But it can also throw you into unfamiliar territory, financially and emotionally. Taking that leap into entrepreneurship doesn’t just require a business plan and funding, it takes emotional intelligence – the capability to recognize and work productively with your own emotions and those of others.

In fact, this is the hallmark of a great leader, though leadership isn’t always described in such terms. But if you consider any of the great leaders you know, you may notice that as a common denominator. You just feel better after being with them, and having them be with you.

In contrast, think of anyone you know who you identify as not a great leader. They may come across as reactive, hard to read, distant or cold, and you leave meetings with them feeling uncertain or fearful.

What you are feeling is the difference between someone who has well-integrated emotional intelligence, and someone who does not.

Investing in increasing your own emotional intelligence can help you take risks, promote your ideas and see them adopted, and be able to go with your gut even when you have doubts.

A lack of emotional intelligence can be costly, causing you to make financial and legal mistakes such as taking advice from the wrong people,not trusting your instincts, or holding back on key communications to partners, vendors and team members.  

Building emotional intelligence can help you visualize—and then reach success you want. But it won’t likely be developed overnight and you may need a trusted advisor to show you where you have the opportunity to learn in this area.

You may be surprised to hear this, but a Creative Business Lawyer® can be the Trusted Advisor who helps you to hone your emotional intelligence, learn to trust your instincts and lead from the inside out. As part of our work with a Creative Business Lawyer®, over time, they can be the advisor you turn to for a backstep on emotional decisions, to help you identify and move through fear, and to  look out for your business’s future, so you have the emotional space to expand.

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