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What are entrepreneurial retreats, and what value do they offer?

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Q: What are entrepreneurial retreats, and what value do they offer?

—Stressed-Out Business Owner

A: Dear Stressed-Out:

Entrepreneurial retreats offer a blend of personal and professional development for business owners looking to relax and recharge their creative batteries.

Many retreats involve traveling to foreign locales, where attendees are completely removed from their demanding daily pressures, so they can focus on improving themselves mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.

The ultimate goal of a retreat is to provide a renewed sense of motivation, focus, and vision. Some retreats also offer intensive professional development options—coaching, seminars, and workshops—to hone one’s business and leadership acumen as well.

And the best part is retreats are deductible on your business taxes provided they’re serving the interests of your company.

Today, there’s a huge variety of different retreats available aimed at specific demographics and purposes.

From women’s-only and tech-focused to spiritually inspired and networking-based, there is a retreat for every entrepreneur and interest. Or you can build your own “custom” retreat by selecting from a variety of themes and activity options.

Regardless of type, retreats offer attendees much-needed time and space to slow down, relax, and look within to more fully develop themselves, not just business strategy. Retreats also surround attendees with like-minded peers, providing a sense of community, social support, and networking.

A Creative Business Lawyer®, can help you decide the type of entrepreneurial retreat that will best suit your unique personal and professional situation.

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