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Matthew Murillo

Matthew Murillo

Griffin | A Professional Law Corp
1255 West Colton Avenue; Suite 588, Redlands, CA 92374, US


Industry Focus: Coaches, Authors and Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, Local Brick and Mortar Establishments, Mom and Pop Shops, Media Services, Personal Services, Professional Services, Restaurants and Bars, Software Development, Start-ups, Technology, Trademark

Licensed In: California, USA

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Lawyer Profile

I’ve always known I wanted a career helping people. Before high school, that meant I would grow up to be a sports agent. I thought that was the coolest job in the world – traveling everywhere helping athletes achieve their goals and obtain lucrative contracts. As I grow older, I realized I could do so much more. That realization led me to pursuing a career in law and that goal would never change.

I’ve found that many people go through stages of what they want to do. I’ve never wavered. I’m fortunate enough to have found my passion from a relatively young age, and to be able to do it every single day.
Growing up in Gridley, California, I learned the importance of “community”. I learned the importance of helping your “neighbor” and “paying it forward”. My involvement in 4H, band, football, baseball, basketball, and volunteer work at the community hospital, and all the people I’ve met along the way (coaches, supervisors, other participants, etc.) have helped cultivate my desire to help people in a meaningful and effective way.

I’ve been successful in a variety of situations and circumstances, and don’t expect my career in law to be any different. How that happens will be by nothing more than hard work, and dedication to those I serve. My parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico. I was born in Sacramento and English was technically a second language (although i picked it up early on in life). But experience growing up – watching my parents and family around me choose to settle for nothing short of success – has cultivated the work ethic I bring to work every day, while being able to do something I love to do. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to have some recognition for my achievements and successes. But the best recognition, in my opinion, has been the simple “thank you” I get from a Client my firm has been able to help get through a difficult time in their lives – whether that is due to divorce, criminal allegations, starting (or closing) a business, or setting up a post-death plan (one of the most difficult subjects for anyone to talk about).

As the founder of Legacy Counsel, one of the biggest benefits I receive is being able to choose which direction I take my practice. I’ve chosen that direction to be one that offers meaningful guidance and assistance, not just legal representation, for a lifetime. That is what my legacy will be. What about yours? Let us be your counselor as you shape your own.

Firm Description

We believe that the cornerstone of our service is the relationship we build with our clients because we work primarily with family-owned businesses. We understand how important it is for the two to be well-protected. With this in mind, we proudly offer a variety of service options that allow you to choose how involved you would like us to be.

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