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Amy Hsiao

Amy Hsiao

Hsiao Law, PC
4225 Executive Square, Unit 600, La Jolla, San Diego, CA, USA

Amy Hsiao is an experienced estate planning and business attorney licensed to practice law in California. She recently received the “Family Business Lawyer” designation awarded by the national Family Wealth Planning Institute. Amy distinguishes herself by providing personal care and quality service, as well as a pro-active approach to legal planning, which sets her apart from traditional law firms. She is truly your personal family lawyer.

Industry Focus: Investment and Financial Services, International Businesses, Family Businesses, Estate Planning for Business Owners

Licensed In: California, USA

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Jeff Lally

Jeff Lally

Hub Law Group P. C.
175 Derby Street, Suite 9 , Hingham, MA, USA

…when people meet me for the first time and learn that I am a lawyer, many are surprised. Their expectation is that lawyers are “flashy, slick operators” – and that’s just not who I am. I like to think my calm and caring demeanor and desire to educate and truly do the right things for my clients will set me apart from the stereotypical lawyer. Being to some extent the “anti-lawyer” has its pitfalls. Let me give you some examples … One of my law firms areas of focus is Estate Planning. I’m in competition with the “do it yourself on-line” resources all the way up to up to and including the big law firms that give the clients “just what they ask for” – (not what they need). On one end of the spectrum, you get what you pay for … the cheapest possible “estate plan“. But here’s the problem … most of those “plans” are inadequate and truly do not address all of the needs of the “virtual client” … and guess what – the virtual client will never know or be able to rectify the problem because they’re dead before anyone finds out. The responsibility to get the estate straightened out then falls to loved ones … at more legal expense typically than doing it right in the first place (!). Never mind that this time should be reserved for allowing the family to grieve. Have you ever had a Sam Kinison moment? Remember the comedian who used to punctuate his jokes by screaming the punch line? The client will never know BECAUSE THEY’RE DEAD! But this is no joke! Never mind that his estate was a shambles, this is all too often the reality of “cheap, on-line” solutions. At the other end of the spectrum is the client that says “Can you draw me up a will” … and that’s exactly what the lawyer does … without understanding or explaining the full scope of the clients’ estate. I call this “the path of least resistance” type of law firm … they’ll make a bit of money, but guess what … if it is not completely adequate the client will never know BECAUSE … you get the idea.

Industry Focus: Construction (Commercial, Residential, Infrastructure), Digital Publishing & New Media Production, Entrepreneurs, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, Farming, Land Development and Agriculture, Film Development (Finance, Production and Distribution), Home Healthcare, International Businesses, Interstate Transportation, Investment and Financial Services, Joint Ventures, Local Brick and Mortar Establishments, Mom and Pop Shops, Medical Professionals, Media Services, Personal Services, Professional Services, Entertainment (Performers, Actors, Artists, etc), Real Estate Investors, Restaurants and Bars, Software Development, Start-ups, Technology, Venture Capitalists

Licensed In: Massachusetts, USA

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Brint Hiatt

Brint Hiatt

Hiatt Law - Business Law and Estate Planning
, Mesa, AZ, USA

- Licensed to practice law in Hawaii since 2013 and Arizona since 2015.

Industry Focus: Entrepreneurs, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, International Businesses, Non-Profit, Start-ups, Venture Capitalists

Licensed In: Mesa, AZ, USA, Hawaii, USA

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Ryan Alexeev

Ryan Alexeev

North County Legal, APC
3142 Tiger Run Ct., Ste. 113, Carlsbad, CA, USA

Ryan Alexeev was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she earned her Bachelors in International Business and Management Information Systems. She went on to earn her Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga University School of Law.

Industry Focus: Consumer Products, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, International Businesses, Personal Services, Professional Services

Licensed In: California, USA

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Yodel Penacho

Yodel Penacho

Yodel Deloso Penacho
2211 Encinitas Blvd. Suite 200, Encinitas, CA, USA
3170 Fourth Ave. Suite 250, San Diego, CA, USA

My mission has always been to apply my personal principles to my law practice – providing individualized personal attention to every client, dedication to the client’s cause, and compassionate representation. Passion for the law and helping people, and my range of experience position me to be the problem-solving and supportive counselor that you need during the legal journey.

Industry Focus: Entrepreneurs, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Family Businesses, International Businesses, Start-ups

Licensed In: California, USA, Philippines

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